"Holy Hands"

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Where are you keeping your hands today? Stupid question you may say but listen carefully. "I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting." 1 Timothy 2:8

Let us go back to our question about the location of your hands. By my side is the answer that I am looking for but we should recognize the testimony offered by your hands. Your hands and their actions in essence witness to your attitude, your goals and your priorities.

For this reason the Bible tells us that we should lift "up holy hands." Our holy hands are clearly visible to those that see us in action. Our hands are truly the two witnesses that follow us each day.

Hands that are not being lifted up holy then they are used for purposes that are unholy in nature. Unholy hands are such as those that are wrapped around another's neck with wrath of such things as anger, gossip or greed. These characteristics are natural in a worldly life. A worldly life is not an option for living. It is a natural occurrence unless one commits to living for Christ. Christian living is a decision put into action that is witnessed by your hands. Committed hands in Christ become holy hands by the power witnessed concerning the great things God can do through you.

So today, lift up holy hands that witness such wonderful characteristics in your life as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness and goodness. In these things people we see in you a Savior that they know is needed in them.

God bless you,

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